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Monday, September 15, 2014

Juli's Wedding

This summer, we went to California because my little sis, Juli, got married.  It was busy, crazy and fun - just like every other wedding.  Our first week there was basically just wedding prep, so we didn't do too much other than last minute shopping, baking and prepping.  We did have time for a bachelorette party for the soon-to-be bride.  We went out to eat (CPK), went to Scandia, then got some dessert (BJ's).  Some of the mama's that were out with us partied hard - apparently not getting out regularly does that to ya.  Hah!  Anyway, here are some shots from that night.  

At dinner

Some of the crazies who decided to go bumper boating.  And get wet.  Glad I was on the side =]

Tessa got caught under the fountain.  And couldn't get away.  It was awesome.  

The bride & her bridesmaids

We're classy..

Also, during that week, we went to the Los Angeles Temple for Johnny & Juli.  I hadn't been there for while, so it was nice to go back!  And, of course, we got some photos to remember the day.

Our group outside the temple. (Except Jennette - I mean, just because you have a baby doesn't mean you can skip the pictures.... =])

The soon-to-be newlyweds                      My sexy husband and I

Finally, the wedding day came.  It was a really good day, weather-wise, but then again, it was in Southern California, so what else was I expecting?  Juli looked gorgeous, the kids were stinking cute, and even though Ben felt goofy in his get-up, the bridal party looked great.  Here are a few pics from that day.  

The happy couple.

The bridesmaids...action shot.

Sisters =]

..and a few of the kids...

The wedding was really nice.  Everything went pretty smoothly (other than my car breaking down on the way to the reception with all of the cookies in the back...but that's OK).  It's bitter-sweet to think that all the family weddings are over until the grandkids start getting married.  Holy crap.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"4th Year Bash"

So, I'm still updating from earlier this year.  But I'm getting close to being up to date, so hang in there!  

At the end of each school year at Dal, it's a tradition to have one final get-together with the "Utah group" (which has now expanded to Canada and Maine, so that name isn't very accurate).  Anyway, it's a last chance for the adults to hang out (no kids allowed) and do something fun.  This year we went to Hatfield Farms, which had food for us to eat, a room with different inflatables to play on and a mechanical bull to ride (and yes, we are 5 years old).  

It was a fun, adventurous, crazy night - to say the least.  We took a wagon ride from our cars to the designated spot, which was nice...bumpy & smelly...but nice.   Here, we ate our hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries.  Then we went to the room with the inflatables and the boys pretty much went crazy.  

On the wagon

"Britney & Friends"..waiting for our food

Ben, beating me up, like usual. 

Ben really wanted to get Jamison off...don't think that's happening 

All set for his bull ride.. 

Annnnnd about 2 seconds later...

(Just so you know, I went on the mechanical bull, and made it through the first 2 levels.  But not wanting to fly off the bull like everyone else had, I gave up and walked away without a scratch)

Now, on to the crazy part.  Our lovely friend, Ben Lawlor, is a very determined man.  He was going to be the best bull rider, no matter what it took.  Annnnnnd it took him getting a concussion and lots of stitches in his chin.  (And I still don't think he's learned his lesson..)  It was a little scary, intense, and funny - because he was saying some crazy stuff.  Caverly so sneakily got a picture of the concussed and his crew of caretakers.

(Don't worry, that's just his wife in the corner taking pictures on her phone)

Anyway, the rest of the night was good.  Ben got taken to the hospital to get stitched up, and, other than not really being able to use his jaw for a couple weeks, was fine.  The rest of us went over to the Probst's, where we ate desserts, chatted some more and watched a slideshow.  

Me & my guy

Our yummy desserts 

 Those of us who made it back to the Probst's to hang out

It was fun night, and definitely a memorable one.  Don't think I'll be forgetting this one. =]

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winter Happenings

This winter was busy, busy, busy and LONG, LONG, LONG.  Ben was gone pretty much all day, every day at school, studying, taking tests, etc.  Lucky for me, I was busy with work, so I only missed him a little bit - here and there.  And the winter was never-ending here in Halifax.  They say it's the worst winter they've had in years, so I'm hoping that's true.  We'll see next year, I guess!  

Despite all that kept us busy, we were still able to get out and do a few fun things.  Like walk along the waterfront during the biggest storm of the season.  It was cold, wet, windy and crazy.  If you look closely, you can see the snow flying past was intense.  But really cool.

We were also able to go to a hockey game during Ben's "study break."  Since when did Spring Break become Study Break?  Talk about defeating the purpose.  But anyway, we went and saw the Mooseheads play down the street with some friends.  Even though I missed almost half of it because I got off work late, it was still really fun to watch!  We'll have to go to another game next year!

Just Ben being bombarded by the sunbeams we teach at church.   This was only half of them.  He just loves kids...can't you tell?!

Towards the end of the school year, we took "family pictures" with the families from Utah.  Only about half showed up, but here we are.  Good looking bunch, eh?

We had a little dessert party following the pictures at the dental school.  
Here are a few pictures from afterwards.

Britt & Eme 
(I think I scarred Eme when I took her from Brittney once.  She's just barely getting over it and deciding to be my friend again.)

The crazy kids.   

Cav & Rose.  With Spencer photo-bombing it in the background.  Attractive.

Candace, Caroline & Spencer.  Picture perfect family. =]

The girls who were there.  So lucky to have such good friends up here.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dental Ball

Despite our week-long trip back to Halifax, we DID make it back in time to get to the Dental Ball.  Ben wouldn't have cared if we missed it, but I would have been pretty upset.  And United would have had an even more angry woman on the phone.  Anyway, it was a lot more fun than I expected!  Getting dressed up, eating yummy food, and Ben even got out on the dance floor with the live band.  I'm excited to go again next year!  Here are some pictures from that night!

All dressed up!

Me & Britt

 A few of the gals: Maere, Brittney, Janae, Me & Jess

The "first years" (minus Joe and Blanche)
Nate, Caverly, Candace, Spencer, Ben & me!

Caverly & Candace - two of the gals I get to spend the next 3 years with! =]
(PS - I'm really not a giant, just an awkward angle)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cali Trip, Part 2

So, after my week at home, Ben was due to arrive in Cali.  Remember how I told you that we had flight issues?  Well, Ben "missed" his connecting flight.  I say "missed" because he didn't really miss it.  He made it to the plane before it left (barely since his first flight was delayed), but they gave his seat away.  Thanks a lot, United.  They told him that he could get put on the flight the next day, but being awesome like he is, he told them that wasn't good enough.  They taxied him to another airport about a hour away, and he got to California later that night.  Finally.

We did a lot of relaxing, and Christmas shopping, and seeing family.  A few days before Christmas, the whole family was over to decorate sugar cookies.  The kids loved it, the adults loved it, and it was messy!  Here are some of us hard at work.

Next up was Christmas.  We went out to eat on Christmas Eve since most of the family was with their in-laws.  That night we helped get all the presents situated for the next morning.  And got some pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

On Christmas, before we opened any presents, we made everyone get together for a family picture.  Some people were a little stressed about it, with a million kids and presents waiting to be unwrapped, but it went pretty smoothly.  Here's the final result.  

And the grandkids in front of the tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas was great.  Wild, crazy and fun.  As usual at the Ulrich house.  It's always nice to be with family for the holidays, and you can't beat a Christmas in sandals.  It was fabulous!

After Christmas was over, we had another week before we needed to head home.  We spent our time taking advantage of having family close-by.  We ran errands, ate good food, visited the beach and the zoo, and just enjoyed the sun (while we had it).  

Here are some pictures from the zoo.  We went with Danny, Errin & Matthew and I think Ben enjoyed it more than anyone.  

 Ben & Matthew with the giraffes.  Probably the coolest thing we saw.

He wanted to walk around and look at everything.  
The stroller wasn't doing it for him.

We also went to Balboa beach, because neither of us have had chocolate covered bananas, and we had to try them.  It was fun to walk around the shops, and be on the beach and in the sun in December.  I don't think I can ever say I love California too many times.  =]  And it was fun, even though Matthew was NOT ok in his car seat during the entire ride there.  Haha.  

With our bananas.  They were tasty.

This cutie standing by the bird that was posed up on the pier.  Ben was a little scared he might turn around and bite him.  Which would have been awesome.

David, Tessa & Sammy.  That boy is stinking cute. 

Ben & Matthew, who was "cooing" - adorable. 

 Cousin Pals.  Need I say more?

 Sammy was loving the swing.  All smiles from him!

Super buff Matthew.  I mean, He IS an Ulrich.

Luckily, we were able to stay in California throughout the New Year, so we stayed up all night with some of the fam on NewYear's Eve to bring in 2014.  

The most hilarious attempt at a group photo.  Epic fail.

Ben & I.  Always fun trying to get a decent picture with him.

Matthew REALLY liked the apple cider. =]

And a few other random pictures from the trip.  

Ben loves my mom.

Dorky kids.

Ben creeped into this picture with Karly.  
She was still scared of him at this point.

Mel & Sammy

Matthew in the car that specifically says "Do Not Sit."  We're so safe.

It was a great trip!  Lots of family time, good weather and no stress (or very little).  It was nice to be with family for the holidays.  I can't wait to visit again! =]

Remember how I told you we had travel issues?  Well, we headed back to Halifax on January 2, ANNNND got stuck in the crazy winter storm.  Due to the blizzard, crappy airline situations, and crazy extenuating circumstances, we spent a week in airports and hotels, and didn't get back to Halifax until the 9th.  We spent countless HOURS in line (in one line for 8 hours), and had to deal with a million different people.  We ended up traveling through 6 airports, and stayed in 3 different hotels.  It was a nightmare, but in the end, we made it home safely.  And thanks to my parents for helping with hotels, and friends who were on stand-by for us, things weren't as bad as they could have been.  

Oh, and I almost forgot.  Our checked luggage got lost part-way through our trip.  And it showed up 3 days after we finally got home.  Annoying?  I think yes.  So very annoying.