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Monday, September 15, 2014

Juli's Wedding

This summer, we went to California because my little sis, Juli, got married.  It was busy, crazy and fun - just like every other wedding.  Our first week there was basically just wedding prep, so we didn't do too much other than last minute shopping, baking and prepping.  We did have time for a bachelorette party for the soon-to-be bride.  We went out to eat (CPK), went to Scandia, then got some dessert (BJ's).  Some of the mama's that were out with us partied hard - apparently not getting out regularly does that to ya.  Hah!  Anyway, here are some shots from that night.  

At dinner

Some of the crazies who decided to go bumper boating.  And get wet.  Glad I was on the side =]

Tessa got caught under the fountain.  And couldn't get away.  It was awesome.  

The bride & her bridesmaids

We're classy..

Also, during that week, we went to the Los Angeles Temple for Johnny & Juli.  I hadn't been there for while, so it was nice to go back!  And, of course, we got some photos to remember the day.

Our group outside the temple. (Except Jennette - I mean, just because you have a baby doesn't mean you can skip the pictures.... =])

The soon-to-be newlyweds                      My sexy husband and I

Finally, the wedding day came.  It was a really good day, weather-wise, but then again, it was in Southern California, so what else was I expecting?  Juli looked gorgeous, the kids were stinking cute, and even though Ben felt goofy in his get-up, the bridal party looked great.  Here are a few pics from that day.  

The happy couple.

The bridesmaids...action shot.

Sisters =]

..and a few of the kids...

The wedding was really nice.  Everything went pretty smoothly (other than my car breaking down on the way to the reception with all of the cookies in the back...but that's OK).  It's bitter-sweet to think that all the family weddings are over until the grandkids start getting married.  Holy crap.


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